Couple Checkup

Last year, our Year End Offering focused on supporting the Harvest for our Families. One way we are able to do that is to partner with the Prepare / Enrich company to offer their online Couple Checkup relationship inventory and skill building tool for FREE during the month of February.

We would like every couple to take this assessment. That’s dating, living together, engaged, or married – if you are a couple, this tool is for you.
The tool is a great way to find out your relationship strengths and growth areas. Your confidential personal assessment includes a discussion guide to stimulate honest dialogue, increase understanding, and empower you as a couple.

As an online customized assessment tool, Couple Checkup is meant to be a fun, easy way to take a closer look at your relationship, increase relationship strengths, and above all - spark meaningful conversation between you and your partner. Couple Checkup will provide a framework to serve all the couples in our church, illuminating strength and growth areas so that we know exactly where to focus our ministry efforts.

Follow the instructions below to take the FREE Couple Checkup now!



Partner 1 creates the account
1. Click HERE.
2. Enter the 3-part voucher code (OAKHILLS-COUPLE-CHECKUP) and click Submit Voucher.
3. Enter your first name and email, as well as your partner’s.
4. Create a password and click Continue to create your account. Your Account Number will appear onscreen. Continue on to take your portion of the assessment. You’ll be asked a few background questions that will help customize the assessment to your relationship.

Partner 2 logs into the existing account
1. Click HERE.
2. Enter the Account Number and password.
3. Click your name to take your portion of the assessment. Once you and your partner have completed the assessment, you’ll be able to access your report. Click View Results to open the PDF and save it to your computer.

Please note: The voucher code is good for February 2 - March 3 only. Print the instructions HERE.