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Group Premarital Counseling

Group Premarital Counseling - Build community and enhance your learning while still receiving confidential, customized premarital counseling.

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Premarital Counseling

At Oak Hills Church, our goal through our marriage ministry is to provide enhanced resources for biblical living that will help strengthen and create healthy relationships.

We offer premarital counseling in partnership with the Prepare / Enrich online Premarital relationship assessment and skill-building tool. Taking an assessment isn't just another step in the wedding planning process, it's an essential step to a thriving marriage.

Your confidential, personal assessment includes a discussion guide to stimulate honest dialogue, increase understanding, and empower you as a couple. Once couples have completed the assessment, they have the opportunity to connect with our licensed counselors who work from a biblically based, solution-focused, clinically-sound process, guided by the Holy Spirit and informed by Scripture, to bring about healing, spiritual formation and Christ-centered living.

Premarital counseling is offered in couple or group settings:

Group: Couples meet together in a group with other engaged couples and a counselor to review the assessment and discuss marriage commitment. This group setting enables you to build community among engaged couples and enhance your learning while still providing you confidential, customized premarital counseling. Group Premarital Counseling is offered on Saturdays. Cost is $300 for the 8 hour session and includes the online assessment fee.