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Small Groups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small Groups are also unique in needs, passions, outlook and perspective. Therefore it is the desire, at Oak Hills Church Alamo Ranch, to equip towards health. Some groups need deep Bible study, some are Bible-beginners, some want to get out and serve their community, some provide a safe place for healing and some want to focus on those not at the table. God can use you where you are to include others to have authentic relationships, learn from scriptures, and provide mutual encouragement, accountability and care to one another. 

You may be thinking about leading a group of people where you live, work or where you play. You may be thinking about leading a group of three, ten or thirty people. You may have a heart to see others grow.  You may have several questions about what it means to lead. 

When can I sign up? 

You can sign up anytime all year round, but we have certain times at the beginning of each term where we try to make it easier for you to join a group or sign up to lead a group.

When do groups meet?  

  • September to December is our fall term.
  • January to May is our spring term.
  • June to August is our summer term.

Where do groups meet?

Small groups meet all over our neighborhoods, our city and beyond.  Some small groups meet at coffee shops.  Other small groups meet in restaurants.  Many small groups meet in people's homes.

What do small groups offer?

The neighborhood small groups offer adults of all ages a place to find community, get connected, and build meaningful relationships with other people on the same life journey.  Some groups are kid friendly and welcome entire families that have young children.

What do we study?

You are encouraged to use any Bible-based materials that you and your group would like to delve into.  However, beginning this spring term on January 1, 2020, we encourage you to engage in group discussions as we begin reading daily through The Bible Project Reading Plan.  Our goal is to read through the Bible in one year.  To begin the Bible Project Reading Plan with your group, click HERE.

I'm ready to lead a group.  Click HERE.

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Neighborhood Groups

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