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Parent talk with Dr. Jeff Henderson

February 22, 2020 (SATURDAY) | 4-6 PM | WEST AUDITORIUM | DR. Jeff Henderson 

The topic of Mental Health brings up a variety of issues: stress, depression and anxiety. Any child who has access to the internet or a smartphone will be exposed to each of these issues. The conversations are already taking place on their social media accounts, so we need to be having these conversations at our dinner tables with our children in order to support them, but also to prepare them to support their friends and peers.

Dr. Jeff Henderson, board certified pediatrician and certified in Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention, will walk through these topics with us. What does the Bible have to say about mental health and how can parents continue to have conversations around these issues with their children. 

Bibleland Buddies is available for children, ages 3 months - 5th grade, with advanced registration.

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