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God's Word encourages us to bring all our cares to God because he cares for us. That is why we encourage everyone to pray persistently. Our elders, staff, and prayer ministers also care for you and are ready to pray for you.

Share your prayer request through the submission button below, and partner in prayer with others as you read and pray for their requests below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please enter "Anonymous" as your First Name. If you prefer your request not be displayed publicly on the web page, please un-check "yes" to allow publication on the submission form.

February 2


Please pray for the successful treatment of my cancer. My first PRRT treatment is on February 9th.

February 1


Please pray for my friend whose mother is battling stage 4 cancer in her chest and bones and other places. Healing can happen, it is still possible. But whatever the case, I just want God to show himself to her and her family in all of this.

January 31


PRAY for my Mother and myself concerning our housing situation. PRAY GOD will provide financially for us. Also PRAY for peace and protection . THIS IS A VERY URGENT AND VERY IMPORTANT REQUEST. I COVET YOUR PRAYERS VERY GREATLY AT THIS TIME.

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January 30


Please pray for my son, for his mental health, for his safety, to find solution of his legal problems, and to give us the strength and knowledge to help him with this difficult process.

January 29


Please pray for a miracle healing of my leukemia cancer (10% chance of survival).

January 29


Praying to decide whether to run for school board. I want to serve GOD and pray that he guides me to decide. I want to move towards the will GOD has for me.

January 29


Please pray for my son, he is 23 years old

January 29


Please pray for my sister, she is suffering with thyroid disease praying it’s not cancer. Has an appointment with a specialist in Houston on Tuesday morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

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January 29


Father, thank you for your faithfulness and goodness. You are a good God always, my provider & protector. the God of second chances, fresh starts and new beginnings. Thank you for guide me and direct me into my new job. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

January 29


Please pray for my friend P for his repentance and salvation. He heard Gospel many times but he got involved in a homosexual relationship with another man plus he got bad company that live homosexual lifestyle and pulls him away from God.

January 28


Lord set free A from addiction. Father deliver him from strongholds and addiction. Heal his mind and body. Strengthen him to deal with withdrawal, temptation and seek help. May your face shine upon

January 27


Please pray for restoration of my marriage, family, finances. Bring my spouse back to God. Heal our hearts and make us new. Pray my husband and son are baptized together this month as we all witness God's glory! In Jesus name.

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January 26


Please pray for ne as I continue to experience unusual stomach pain that doctors cannot figure out what this is.

January 26


Please pray for my friends young daughter who is currently being treated for Breast Cancer.

January 26


BP is a Christian who plays for the San Francisco 49ers and I hope he’ll lead the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl 57 and win their 6th Super Bowl trophy. Please pray for him

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January 26


Please lift up J and her family. Mother has a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

January 25


Having back surgery tomorrow. Caging L4&5. Please pray for me , the dr and hospital staff

January 25


I want to give the glory to GOD for some blessings that has come into my life, a 2.oo raise and a one time food stipend from the state of Texas to help our struggling family. It wouldn't be possible without the prayer and power of our father.

January 25


I am currently homeless for the first time ever. Pray that I will accept help when necessary without leaving the impression of taking advantage.

January 24


I’m struggling to find joy in my job. Its been a HUGE blessing in so many ways. But, With changes I feel a lost. Pray I find tasks that are fulfilling & help me serve others to my best ability. Pray for my next steps if I’m to do something else.

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January 24


Pray I wont have psychosis, hallucinations or delusions. I have psychotic disorder & my medication just changed to generic from brand name. I’m not at ease. Pray I won’t lose anymore vision from glaucoma, esp left eye. Pray for peace & comfort.

January 23


Prayers for my friend who lost is father this weekend.

January 23


Asking for prayers for my nine-year-old nephew who continues to have grand mal seizures for several years. With Gratitude

January 23


Please pray that I am able to have my surgical procedure (endoscopy)done this morning, that the doctor and his team are guided by Your hands and that the results are all good.

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January 23


Please pray for my healing and complete restoration.

January 22


Please pray that I can have the strenth and knowledge to do my job. It is stressing me to the max. I have a constant anxiety that is wearing me down. I'm so unhappy and don't know what to do.

January 21


My daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia and seizures. Please pray for her healing

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January 20


Please pray that there would be peace and respect between me, my coworkers and my boss. Thanks